Item Notes Status Updated
Design Updates Live 27 Apr 21
Mockup Graphics Updates and bug fixes Live 01 Apr 21
SHopping Cart Updates, improvements and bug fixes Live 23 Feb 21
Mockup graphics Bug fixes Live 23 Feb 21
Automated emails Massive update. Should drastically minimize emails going to spam folders. Live 19 Jan 21
Shopping Cart Removed mini "side cart" for now until we make a few improvements Live 18 Jan 21
Pro Accounts Updates Live 18 Jan 21
Shopping Cart Updates Live 14 Jan 21
Trending Algorithm Updates Live 14 Jan 21
Trending Algorithm Update Live 04 Jan 21
Trending Algorithm Update Live 02 Jan 21
Shopping Cart New "side" cart, updates to address handling, bug fixes and improvements. Live 08 Dec 20
Mockup graphics Bug fixes Live 01 Dec 20
Apparel options Updates and new colors! Live 16 Oct 20
Bandcamp Orders Process improvements & updates Live 02 Oct 20
Trending algorithm Tweaks Live 30 Sep 20
Customer innvoice Bug fixes, improvements, email design updates Live 30 Sep 20
Trending algorithm Tweaks Live 25 Sep 20
Orders portal Bug fixes and tweaks Live 25 Sep 20
Designer Suite Bug fixes Live 16 Sep 20
Profile shops Tweaks Live 16 Sep 20
General Bug fixes and tweaks Live 15 Sep 20
Cart Updated cart functionality Live 15 Sep 20
Platform General updates and tweaks Live 11 Sep 20
Pages Improved multi page navigation Live 10 Sep 20
Trending Updated algorithm Live 10 Sep 20
Bandcamp New redirect for Bandcamp merch that plays better with our algorithms Live 10 Sep 20
Platform Memory upgrades and improvements Live 09 Sep 20
Order system Backend updates and improvements Live 09 Sep 20
Shipping Updated API for shipping & tracking for USPS Live 08 Sep 20
Merch title Can now easily edit merch titles Live 03 Sep 20
Webshop Design bug fix Live 31 Aug 20
Info Various info section updated Live 29 Aug 20
Mockup Graphics Updates and improvements Live 27 Aug 20
Apparel options for shops Artists can now choose which types of apparel to offer on their ToneThreads shops and website shops. Live 26 Aug 20
Graphics for shops Updated to include more variations + larger graphics Live 26 Aug 20
Stats bug fixes Live 26 Aug 20
Bandcamp Portal Updates Live 17 Aug 20
Stats Fixed issue where map was not displaying in stats Live 17 Aug 20
System upgrades Platform efficiency optimization Live 17 Aug 20
Stats Updated city stats; now divided by country. Live 17 Aug 20
EU order system Updates - backend Live 17 Aug 20
Subscription system Updates Live 17 Aug 20
Designer Suite Bug fixes and updates Live 17 Aug 20
Orders/Sales Updated and improved sorting and navigation Live 17 Aug 20
Bandcamp Ordering System General updates Live 17 Aug 20
Shopping Cart UX and UI updates. Bug fixes. Live 17 Aug 20
Website Embed Shops Bug fixes and updates Live 17 Aug 20
Designer Suite Added more stickers Live 17 Aug 20
Merch creator Added png converter to merch creator page Live 17 Aug 20
Design Suite Launch or the new powerful graphic design and editing suite! Live 17 Aug 20
EU Order system Additional fixes and updates Live 17 Aug 20
Order details page Bug fixes and improvements Live 17 Aug 20
Background processing Background platform updates improving speed and functionality Live 17 Aug 20
Subscriptions Back end updates Live 17 Aug 20
Promotions Back end updates Live 17 Aug 20
Web Shop Artist web shop layout improvements Live 07 May 20
General Fixes and updates Live 15 Apr 20
database More efficient database handling Live 15 Apr 20
Updates and bug fixes URL no longer displays the # (which was used for the new shopping cart). Additional fixes to cart experience. Order system updates. Live 15 Apr 20
Update Trending algorithm Live 15 Apr 20
Bug fixes and updates Fixed merch sorting bug / other Live 15 Apr 20
Merh Creator Updates to merch creator grid. Now with 14x16 inch grid indicators. Live 15 Apr 20
Order system Updates to backend of order system Live 15 Apr 20
Website Shop Updates Improved functionality on mobile devices for embedded webshops. Live 15 Apr 20
Bug fixes Various updates and improvements Live 15 Apr 20
Shopping cart New shopping cart - Super smooth, minimal design and user experience Live 15 Apr 20
Sales portal New artists orders & sales portal launch Live 15 Apr 20
Profile Pics Click on profile pics to zoom Live 15 Apr 20
Tweaks and fixes First deployment since relaunch - little details fine tuned. Live 15 Apr 20
Feedback system To help us improve our services, at the bottom of every page is an easy feedback form so you can notify us of any issues you may be experiencing with the site. This feature will only be visible when you are logged in. Live 15 Apr 20
Tips Shoppers can tip artists one again. (Previously removed due to multi-currency issues.) Live 15 Apr 20
Multi-currency update Like public facing profile shops, artist shops now offer multi-currency support in USD, GBP, CAD & EUR. Live 15 Apr 20
Tons of small but significant updates Too many details to outline here. Browse the site and discover all the cool stuff! Live 15 Apr 20
New mockup graphics Two new awesome mockup graphics, "Blur" and "Pixel", generated for unisex t-shirts. These have auto-generated backgrounds created from your artwork. Live 15 Apr 20
New website embed shops Brand new, customizable website embed shops. Copy and paste a single line of code into your website's HTML, adjust the colors to match your site, and then simply add merch from within ToneThreads with just a few clicks; as easy as adding merch to your ToneThreads profile shop. Live 15 Apr 20
New design, layout and streamlined processes. Simple, clean & minimalistic new design. Every aspect of the site has been re-thought, re-designed and improved upon. Besides the obvious changes to the front-end, the back-end now drives way more data in incredibly more efficient and intelligent ways. Live 15 Apr 20
New merch colors Five new colors to choose from! Live 15 Apr 20
File format converter Although this partially has to do with our merch creator tool only accepting png files at the moment, this tool can convert a huge variety of graphic formats allowing you to use source files for your artwork much easier. The following file types can be used: .ai .gif .webp .bmp .ps .ept .eps .eps3 .flif .ico .jpg .jpe .jpeg .wdp .jxr .hdp .pdf .psd .tga .tif .tiff Live 15 Apr 20
New merch items! Hoodies are now available in asphalt and cardinal red colors. Live 15 Apr 20
Stats Brand new beautiful in-depth stats for sales and orders Live 15 Apr 20
Dscounts User generated discount codes and partner deals and promotions Live 17 Aug 20
multi-currency Additional support and features for multi-currency support in including a default currency for shoppers to land on, as well as features to help navigate pricing within the site for artists. In Development 15 Apr 20
Backside printing Official support for backside printing. In Development 15 Apr 20
Tweaks Continued bug-fixing and refining to all areas. In Development 15 Apr 20
Update to merch creation tool Although the back-end of our merch creator is significantly more efficient, there is a known issue with how the new process works and Safari. We have identified the cause of the issue and are working on a fix. In Development 15 Apr 20
More merch colors and options! Our new system will allow us to add new items much faster :) In Development 15 Apr 20
Affiliate Program Beta ideas Queue 15 Apr 20
Limited edition Limited edition merch with a finite number of sales allowed, with the option to sync with Bandcamp limited edition feature for same merch item. Queue 15 Apr 20
More shop options Researching new ideas Queue 15 Apr 20
Bandcamp Additional features and improved support for Bandcamp Queue 15 Apr 20